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About Bamboo Baskets

Bans bamboo is a found in the hills of Uttaranchal, "Bambusa tulda" locally known as bans bamboo in Dhamas. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth. The farmers fetch the bamboo from the forest and weave baskets in winter season.
Weaving of basket is done manually by experienced artisans. Bamboo is divided into strips of different sizes those vary in width, this process done using a sharp knife. The strips are made thinner by peeling top layer and the bamboos are split into flat thin strips. Artisan arranges the strips in circular manner to make the base of the basket. Strips of bamboo are weaved alternatively and run through the arranged strips. Once the base is completed, the strips are bent slightly to weave the side walls. Bamboo strips are continuously added and weaved until the required size of bamboo is acquired.
The rim (edge part of bamboo) is locally called as Kunela which is a thick bamboo pole, it is bent and made as ring and attached to the bamboo basket.  
Once weaving is finished extra strips are cut and a thick bamboo pole of smaller size is added as a rim and looped around the edge of the basket for better grip. Bans baskets are weaved in different shape and size. These baskets are mainly used for storing grains and supplements and carrying purposes in the fields.

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These Bamboo Product( Baskets will make your home look beautiful. Eco friendly bamboo  products were  manufactured keeping great  quality and comfort in mind. These bamboo product is made with a strong bamboo and comfortable handle weight of goods . It Has An Elegant Design . Designed In Such A Way.


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